A huge surge in hospital visits and admissions with people suffering from various respiratory issues is causing medical and governmental officials to potentially reconsider their stance on masking rules in the Canadian Province.

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As cases of COVID-19, the Flu, and other respiratory issues begin to overwhelm the medical system in Ontario, the government's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kiernan Moore is seriously urging everyone to begin wearing a mask again when out in public.

I would definitely encourage universal masking right now, there's no question that would help.
-Dr. Ronald Cohn, Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital for Sick Children while speaking with CBC

According to a report from CBC News in Toronto, there has been large shortages of medication for children in Canada and that is partially to blame of the increase in medical visits that has the system in Canada beyond capacity.

There were more than 120 children in need of treatment from hospital ICUs so far in November and that is at least 10 more than the capacity that they can serve in the Province.

Medical officials also expect things to get worse as winter arrives, and are ringing the alarm for masking, however government officials are not requiring masks or have plans to implement a mandate. Masking in Ontario would be completely voluntary according to Premier Doug Ford. He has said on many occasions that people in the province do not want to see any more mask mandates and that he would not move the government toward a mandate.

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