Since last March many people all over have been trying to find ways to stay busy, from doing Zoom parties, fitness classes, and everything in between. One of a lot of people's favorite pass-times is getting together with family and friends, and playing one of many different card games. Back in the days, and even now, family and friends get together and play "Spades".

The game of "Spades" can be one of the most competitive and sometimes controversial games to play, but it can also be fun, but in most cases, it's just controversial. The biggest thing players bring up as being a major issue with that game is all the different ways players cheat. Players cheat by, "reneging" ( that's playing the wrong suit purposely at the wrong time, then using that suit at the point in a game when you feel it's best). There are a few ways people cheat in the game of "Spades". How to play "Spades"

Another game people like to play is "Tunk", although this game is not as competitive, this game can get serious too because there is usually some form of gambling involved, and like anytime you mix friends, family, and gambling things can always get ugly. How to play "Tunk"

Do you remember playing "I Declare War"? Back in the days, this is all we played when my friends and I were just young kids, because, it was no cheating, it was easy to play, and it didn't cost anything. I remember the only problem we had, was getting moms good playing cards. How to play "I Declare War".

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I still get together with the family to play games, mainly the kid-friendly ones nowadays.

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