If you've ever been to a Buffalo Bills preseason practice, normally held at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, you've probably seen the different physical challenging events you can try.  One of those events is called the 'Monster Hydro Stadium Blitz'.   The event was created by Williamsville native Rob Gronkowski and his brothers, according to WGRZ News, and is now coming back to the Bills Stadium this upcoming season.

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The event is scheduled to return to the Bills stadium on October 10, according to the WGRZ story. The Monster Hydro Stadium Blitz consists of three levels of obstacles, according to the WGRZ News report.  Each one of the levels increases in difficulty as you goi through the obstacle course.  The Monster hydro Stadium Blitz challenge can be participated in by adults (being an athlete will help u immensely...this is no joke...you have to be in shape) and children seven-years-old and older can participate as well.)It's open to athletes of any level and children as young as seven years old. You can take part as an individual or part of a team.

Early registration for this event is $40 with special discount pricing for children, students, and military personnel.  Sign up NOW...clcik the link below.


The event is sponsored and created by Rob Gronkowski and the Gronk brothers, Gronk Nation, and Monster Energy.  Rob Gronkowski expressed his excitement regarding the upcoming return of the even to the Buffalo Bills stadium, according to WGRZ News, this is what Gronk said:

"I am pumped for Monster Hydro Stadium Blitz to start back up again. There's nothing better than being able to compete with my brothers while participating in an obstacle course race with people of all fitness levels and ages inside amazing stadiums.  There is such a motivating, competitive, and fun atmosphere at every race. We're a family out there pushing each other to the finish line."


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