The Buffalo Bills are not just the favorite sports team in Western New York, they are a way of life for most people.

It certainly helps that this current Bills team is the best in the NFL and the frontrunners to win the Super Bowl in February.

Even when the Bills were in the midst of their 17-year playoff drought, the fandom in Buffalo was unmatched. That same enthusiasm can be felt even at local restaurants, including one national food chain location here in Western New York.

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I saw this on Twitter this week, but apparently a local fast food chain is closing early for the Bills Sunday Night Football game at Highmark Stadium.

It's a Panera Bread location in Western New York.

I'm assuming it's the Panera in Hamburg on McKinley? Perhaps the one in Orchard Park on North Buffalo Road?

This isn't totally uncommon, for a restaurants to close early or altogether for Bills games here in Buffalo, but typically it's a local restaurant. This is a national fast food chain and it shows just how the Bills dominate the public consious of the locals here in Western New York.

The traffic will likely start to get pretty bad for the game starting around 3 pm, potentially even earlier since some lots will open for the game in the early afternoon. The Bills-owned lots will open at 4:15 pm.

The Bills are looking to improve to 6-1 against a Green Bay Packers team who is having struggled on offense. They have lost three straight games. One to the New York Giants, another to the New York Jets and the last against the Washington Commanders.

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