If you were born and raised in Buffalo, then you probably heard for years about the Marv Levy saying, "when it's too cold for them, it's just right for us."

That was famous during the Bills four straight trips to the Super Bowl in the early '90s. The Bills were the dominant team in the AFC for a good four or five seasons, and behind the likes of Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed and Bruce Smith, they won a ton of games, including in the months of December and January.

It's easy to assume the Bills would have an advantage over teams coming into Orchard Park in the cold weather, since this is Buffalo and we're used to it.

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But what exactly is the Bills record in December, lately?

As it turns out, that record over the past 20 season is not very good.

According to Budd Bailey of the Buffalo Sports Page, and previously of The Buffalo News, the Bills do not have a winning record since 2000, in the month of December.

The immediate rebuttal would be the fact the Bills had a 17-year playoff drought in the 2000s, and that contributed to their overall record in December...but they have a winning record at home, September-November.

The Bills teams in the Super Bowl years obviously had winning records, but even then, the month their win percentage was the lowest just happened to be in December...

The Bills performed better in the cold weather back then, not because of the weather, but because the team was so good. When the team is average or not very good, the Bills struggle in the cold, which could be said for most teams.

Maybe this is even more evidence to build a dome...

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