Buffalo Bar, MT Pockets has closed, after a heated confrontation between patrons and protesters was caught on video.

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After a very heated confrontation in front of MT Pockets bar on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, the bar has decided to voluntarily shut down. It is currently under investigation for COVID-19 violating social distancing rules, according to WIVB. In the video of the confrontation, patrons can be seen in a crowd, in front of the bar, with few masks, yelling at protesters and people on the other side of the street. North Buffalo resident Amanda Crotty told WIVB,

“I’m just sorry that there’s a location in my neighborhood that is displaying such hatefulness and ugliness."

A man from Franklinville, who was caught on camera, yelling the n-word at protesters while holding a knife, has been charged with a hate crime. Michael Cremen was seen Friday, August 28, on Hertel, hurling the racial slur. Police said the protesters didn't have a permit. Aside from the verbal altercations and the agitator with the knife, the protests were otherwise peaceful.

*** Warning: Graphic language, graphic image

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