An armed man shouted the "n-word" repeatedly at protesters with a knife in his hands. Buffalo police seem to not stop, confront or shoot him.

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Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin claim they shot Jacob Blake because he was either holding a knife or getting a knife from his car. However, in the video below, police in Buffalo allowed an angry, aggressive man holding a knife to berate protesters. The incident looks like it happened on Hertel, judging from the landmarks, but I am not 100 percent sure. This hypocrisy is part of the reason Black Americans and allies are so upset and fed up. The video was posted on Shaun King's Instagram page, so the full context is not known. What is known is that this hostile man is screaming the "n-word" right in front of a Buffalo police officer. Rather than stop the man, the police officer, whose window is rolled down, so it can be assumed he can here the man's threatening tone, does nothing to stop him (at least from what we can see in the couple minutes of video). The man is then barricaded by what looks like protesters with bikes, who attempt to block him from approaching any of the other protesters.  Someone in the crowd screams, "He's got a knife."

*** Warning: Graphic language, graphic image

A still photo shows what appears to be a short knife in the man's hand, as he looks like he is ready to lunge at a protester. As an African-American, this is the hypocrisy that needs to change in this country. The shootings of Jacob Blake and countless others has been justified, because officers feared for their lives. The 17-year-old, who murdered two people and injured another in Kenosha, had a gun strapped to his chest and police rode right by him.

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