The City of Good Neighbors no more? A group of men standing in front of a Buffalo bar harass a woman trying to cross the street.

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Update: According to WIVB, the Erie County Health Department is investigating MT Pockets,

"The Erie County Department of Health received a number of complaints about the bar, where many patrons were seen without masks. The department says its sanitarians will investigate, and that additional complaints aren’t necessary."

In a video posted to Twitter, a very large group of men, are seen standing in front of a Buffalo bar yelling at and harassing a woman, who is trying to cross the street to get to her car.  Amid all of the racial unrest in this country, these men are allegedly yelling racial slurs and other insults at the woman, while they are standing outside of MT Pockets on Hertel Avenue.  The woman in the 2-minute video, says that the men won't allow her to safely cross the street.  As a woman, I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable crossing the street to where the mob of men are standing.

This is the second video, in as many days, that has surfaced of WNYers using racial epithets to verbally attack people.  In another video, a man is seen screaming the "n-word" at peaceful protesters, while holding a knife.  As police watch, the man is confronted by protesters using their bikes as shields to prevent him from becoming violent and using his weapon.  The man has been charged with a hate crime and is facing other charges.

As so many people are uniting and coming together to fight for equality, these videos show a disturbing trend of agitators, who are threatening and harassing people.  I hope this is not an indication of where the "City of Good Neighbors" is headed.  I've seen so many people of different backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, religions, etc., come together to peacefully fight hate, but the actions of these agitators is not helping to unite Americans.  I hope the experience this woman had does not become the norm here in Buffalo.  As they say, "love trumps hate!"

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