May 6th - May 12th is Nurse Appreciation week.  Today we shine the Queen City Spotlight on ALL Nurses and Medical Assistants in Western New York!

Friday was Fire-fighters day. On Monday, we honored our school teachers. Today, we salute the hardest workers in health care, NURSES.

 Ironically Teachers and Nurses, two of the most important jobs one can committ to, were designated the same 7 days of appreciation.   


                              (No I'm not a Nurse, but I did play one on Untold Stories of the ER on TLC)

Nurses are the backbone of health care. They perform much of the hands-on care and generally have more patient interaction than anyone else on your health-care team.
Send the special Nurse in your life a special shout out! Add their name and place of service below. And I will shout them out over the radio!

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