Now that things are starting to open back up in Buffalo and all around Erie County, there will be more entry-level jobs available for young people in the summer jobs program. Last year the program did not do very well due to the pandemic. Now that we are starting to see fewer restrictions, those that are involved in the 2021 summer program are expected to see more students and more companies participate.

According to, the program helps young people get summer jobs with local non-profit and other businesses in Erie County. The county government, ECGRA, and the Erie County Foundation have contributed $2.2 million to the program and over the last 7 years, the program has created jobs for more than 1000 students throughout Erie County.

The program usually employs around 160 students, last year that number was quite a bit less, however this year, the program is expected to employ around 125 students at 50 different businesses. The program will hope to encourage students to apply by offering $8.25 per hour instead of minimum wage.

Young men and women will have the opportunity to work with different employers in a team environment, so they are going to come in and work in our financial area, and grounds and maintenance as well. and it will give these young men and women the basic skills to enter the workforce.

said, Gary Lee.

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Students ages 16 to 21 can participate and if you are interested in the program, you can check out the income guidelines and fill out an application here, students have until June 4 2021 to apply.

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