There are still multiple head coaching openings in the NFL that still need to be filled, but on Tuesday afternoon, one of the biggest bombshells in NFL news was dropped.

Alex Weprin of The Hollywood Reporter reported that former Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores, filed a lawsuit against the NFL.

The lawsuit is also against the Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, and Denver Broncos. Flores alleges racism in the hiring process.

Flores details many damning allegations towards the NFL, along with Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who Flores claims offered to pay him $100k for each loss the Dolphins got during the 2019 regular season, and was upset at Flores that they won too many games. Ross allegedly wanted this because of a better draft position.

Flores also shared a text with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who Flores previously worked with. The text shows that Belichick mistook Flores for Brian Daboll, who is the now former Bills offensive coordinator and was hired as the head coach of the New York Giants. Both worked under Belichick.

Flores' lawsuit claims the NFL's "Rooney Rule," which requires all NFL teams to interview a minority candidate, is not working and not used in good faith. This text exchange between Flores and Belichick is evidence from Flores that the Giants head coaching interview process was not done in good faith, and that the Giants had already had their mind made up before Flores was formally interviewed.

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The Buffalo Bills are a part of this lawsuit as well.

One part of the lawsuit says that Giants co-director of player personnel, Tim McDonnell, said to Flores at one point that if Flores had been hired as head coach of the Giants, that Brian Daboll might be interested in leaving Buffalo to serve as his offensive coordinator, as he was "unhappy with Sean (McDermott)," and "might be able to get out of he doesn't get a HC job."

These are allegations and there's no comment at this time from Daboll or McDonnell on this situation.

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