Black Friday is the day AFTER Thanksgiving and traditionally kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season. But as some stores began opening up earlier and earlier on Friday morning, most stores are now open on Thursday!

Malls in 2014 are not only encouraging stores to be open on Thanksgiving, but some are fining stores up to $1,100 / hour they are closed! This promoted the Facebook group "Boycott Black Thursday" to gain more than 80,000 followers!


How are the store managers, cashiers and stock people supposed to enjoy their family and friends if they are forced to work? Exactly, they can't! So let's show our support for the stores who put families before the bottom line.


When interviewed, most people on the street don't even want to shop on Thanksgiving anyway! Watch this.

I'm personally appalled at the fact that I have been seeing Christmas commercials since the day after Halloween. Dang, can I get ready for snow, cold and maxed out credit cards AFTER I share a good home cooked meal on Thanksgiving Day?! #BoycottBlackThursday

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