As we sit here waiting for the National Football League to release the 2022 week-by-week schedule, we decided to take a deeper dive into the Bills' opponents this season.

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We already know who the Bills will be playing this season.  We already know where the Bills will be playing this season.  The only thing that we are waiting on is the when.

So let's just say that you wanted to be the ultimate member of Bills Mafia this season.  And you were going to try to make it to all 17 games this year (Not a typo, the NFL adopted the 17-game season in 2021 for the first time).  Just how far would you have to go?

Well, the good news is that you won't need your passport, as the Bills will not be a part of the International Series in London, Mexico City, or Munich this year.

The Bills will however be packing their bags for road trips to: New (Jersey) York, New England, Miami, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, and Los Angeles.

Adam Schefter Tweeted this out, which he got from

All in all, the Bills will travel 13,984 miles from Buffalo International Airport, checking in at 10 time zones along the way. This actually ranks them in the bottom 1/3 of the league this year in terms of distance traveled during the 2022 season.  The Seahawks lead the NFL in total distance traveled this year at 29,446 miles.  The Steelers will be the least traveled team at 6,442 miles.

And seeing as there are no nonstop flights from Buffalo to Cincinnati or Kansas City, if you are looking to make the ultimate road trip(s), you will actually have to briefly visit two more cities along the way to change planes.

So, in order to make it to all of the Bills' road games this year, prepare for:

- 9 Round Trip Flights

- 18 nights in  hotels

- 72 meals from restaurants

- Travel of 13,984 miles.

The bragging rights that you would have for making it to all of those games, however, would be priceless.

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