Buffalo is a great city to live in, with lots of great activities and amazing food. There are few things that Western New Yorkers take more seriously than our Hockey, Football, and Food. On the food end, it's all about Beef on Weck and Wings.

When it comes to wings, there are all kinds of debates about who has the best wings and what wing flavor is the best. But one thing that we don't debate in Buffalo is the fact that the official condiment that goes with wings is Blue Cheese. Some people seem to prefer ranch dressing with their wings, and those people are wrong. Some people think that using ranch dressing should be illegal, and now it looks like some local lawmakers agree with them.

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In a welcomed, but surprising move, the Buffalo Common Council announced on their Facebook page that a new law has been introduced to officially make it illegal to pair ranch dressing with wings in the City of Buffalo.

This resolution calls for people to be finned at least $50 for using ranch dressing, and to be subject to public teasing and shaming.

The Council takes great pride in our city's culinary traditions and wants to ensure that the Buffalo-style chicken wing remains unblemished by the use of ranch dressing. Violators of this resolution will be subject to a $50 fine and public ridicule. We encourage all residents and visitors to enjoy their chicken wings with proper condiments such as blue cheese, celery, and carrots.
-Buffalo Common Council

Now while New York has been banning lots of things lately, most of which I totally disagree with, this ban is one I fully endorse and I even hope it comes up for a public referendum.

City of Buffalo Common Council
City of Buffalo Common Council

Hopefully, this isn't some sort of April Fools Joke because I cannot wait for this new resolution to become law!

April Fools' Day
Ildo Frazao

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