Living in Western New York has lots of great perks about it.

Just think about it, we have:

  • Amazing weather that features 4 seasons
  • Awesome food
  • World renown architecture
  • and some of the best sports around

These, among other thing, is what causes us to really love living in the 716. However, sometimes that loves get's a little extreme.

So extreme, that some outsiders might thing of it as something like a cult.

Here are 3 things that aren't cults but sure feel like it here in Buffalo and Western New York:

Our Love For The Buffalo Bandits

Rex - Buffalo Bandits Mascot
JohnLax11 on Twitter

Have you ever been to a Bandits game? Have you ever seen a Bandits fan? To watch a Bandits game live at the KeyBank Center is an experience to say the least. Buffalo really has some of the best fans in sports, and our fans do not disappoint, but it can feel like a not so secret society of fandom if you new. I have been to quite a few Bandits games during my time here in the 716 and I guess I haven't had enough punch to drink. Maybe this season I'll catch the vibe.

Our Dedication To Blue Cheese

attachment-attachment-Rooties Blue Cheese (Premier Gourmet)

I love wings, and I love having blue cheese with my wings, but can we all admit that our dedication to Blue Cheese is a tad bit on the cultish side. While having wings or pizza with Ranch maybe be dating red flag, it isn't actually all that bad. C'mon, admit it, when you think about it, you agree with me.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Say it with me now, this is our year to win the Super Bowl... There is one thing that every Buffalo football fan has in common and that is our undying belief in our team. Every year at the start of the season we all have the same hope... and every year we have the same disappointment. But, that's ok, because guess what? the Buffalo Bills are going to win the Super Bowl this year!

What are some other things that are cult like in Western New York?

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