I know many people in Buffalo that would like to stay in shape and have fun while doing it. Bike Gang Buffalo is a fun crew of Buffalonians that love to have fun. The "Bike Gang" was started in 2018 by Kelly Diane Galloway and Chris Bishop their mission was to get in shape and have fun doing it. They discovered that there was a large group of people who rode bikes late at night because it worked well with their schedules.

Kelly worked at Mona's House during the day, ( Buffalo's home for human trafficking victims ), and Christina is the owner of High Klass hair and a full-time mom. They would have fun riding at night and they decided to encourage others to join, the crew started small, but then grew to up to 40 riders sometimes. The group really focuses on building relationships and lifelong friendships over bikes. Since the pandemic, the team decided to make a Facebook Group, Bike Gang Buffalo, which now has over 700 hundred members.

There are a few members of the group who are considered leaders, because of their commitment to seeing the bike community grow and their willingness to lead the bike rides. The Bike Gang Buffalo leaders are Rob Dj Spin DeBold (WBLK), Joe Ramos (West Herr), and Buffalo's Insurance guy, Victor Johnson. The gang is looking to grow to more than 1000 riders. You can join the Bike Gang Buffalo for their official "Sunday Strolls", the group leaves Delaware Park and other various locations on Sunday afternoons. The first official rides will begin in May.

One of the Bike Gang Buffalo leaders, DJ Spin mentioned that the ride is for everyone, so you can bring the family out for fun. There are more details on the group's Facebook page.

Bike Gang Buffalo

Hard-working people from Buffalo having fun.

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