Having your life together can be one of the most overrated statements that I’ve heard
thus far, and trust me in my years on this earth I’ve heard a lot of absurd things. Your life has no
true time frame when all the pieces should be together because as individuals we should
always be seeking new ways to better ourselves and our situation. The only thing that is perfect
on this planet is the planet itself, and the Universal God put everything that we might need on
earth to prosper, everything that we might need to grow and achieve. It is so vital in
understanding that your life is a true testament of a comeback. You can be at your lowest point
today, but tomorrow you can shift gears in a way that you will no longer allow defeat to run
your life, and that you will no longer allow negativity to consume your thoughts. At 24 years old
many people will look at me and think that I have absolutely everything figured out in my life
and I’m here to tell you that there is such a thing called Perception vs. Reality. Your perception
of others may not be their current reality, and it is safe to say that at times you should check in
with your loved ones to see if everything Is okay because no matter what a person looks like on
the outside you will never know what is going on in their mind if you don’t genuinely ask. Most
people just acknowledge the fact that your problems, and burdens should not be worn on your
face. I won’t lie even as a speaker I ask myself as I lay there at night “when will I get my shot,
will I get my shot, what if what I am doing does not pay off in the end?” These are all questions
that can derail you from your process, and make you second guess not just yourself but those
around you as well.
Always remember that when you feel as though your life is not heading in the right
direction it is important to go to your leaders, and those leaders could maybe be within your
family, but in all honesty family can sometimes be the last set of people to truly understand
because it can be in their nature to not pay attention to the surface issues because they quote
on quote know who they raised. Two leaders that I’d say I go to are dead, but ancestors are real
guys and they are only here to guide you, and those leaders for me are Malcom X, and Harriet
Tubman. Two leaders who at one point of their lives were fed up with their circumstances and
decided to take change upon themselves to shift their thinking. Shifting your thinking begins
with the process of being tired of the average self and what it is surrounded by and most likely
that is mediocrity. You get tired of beating yourself up and not doing much about it, so like I
said the first step is acknowledging that you are tired of your situation. The second step is
taking action, and yes I know that you may not know what direction you may be going too, but I
advise that you just start and trust me things will fall into place especially if your deepest
desires are straight from your heart. The third step is acknowledging that small change is
occurring in your life and you have to celebrate the little wins, because those little wins
develops a healthy cycle in your mind that things are looking up. I believe the third step is so
important because it helps you have a winning mentality in all you do, and what you used to
see as negative is shifted now that you understand the purpose behind every circumstance.
Kin we all have a battle to face, so in reality our life could never be ultimately put
together, but once you understand the meaning of life then you start understanding the art of
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