There Is quite a misconception that we must not detach ourselves from ourselves to get to know self. Recent conversations have given me the opportunity to understand the thoughts of the human being, and that is we rather understand others because we fear our own darkness. The fear of identifying with who you really are and what you may be capable of becoming. We fear ourselves at times because once we acquire the knowledge of self we must put our best foot forward to become the best version of ourselves. Personally I do not see anything wrong with such knowledge, but I do understand the rigor of being the best version of you. The realities of breaking the old you for an even better version of yourself or disrupting old habits to allow the establishment of new habits that can shake and shape your foundation. Allowing yourself to grow is allowing yourself to take yourself to new heights, venturing out and meeting new souls, and understanding or building on what is known as “self mastery.” Allow yourself to acquire the forbidden wisdom that society may be hiding from you just to tamper with who you could really be.


For some time, I’ve been in that place of fear, the fear of making the leap that leads to the unknown. The fear that the other side is something that you cannot see, and that fear in itself leads us to nowhere but a place called self destruction. In a recent interview Joey Badass spoke about the law of attraction and in it he said “the law of attraction is the law of detachment.” For those that do not understand how the law of attraction works the secret to it is that there are no specific formulas to it. The law of attraction starts with a belief or a want that turns into a desire that you think of everyday. When the desire has been established in the mind one becomes obsessed with obtaining this desire by implementing the foundation of faith to acquire the desire. Now when Joey Badass spoke about the law of detachment it really stuck out to me because once you have a desire you must put it out to the universe which means detaching yourself from the want in order for it to come to you in abundance and for that there is no specific time frame, this happens once the universe feels as though you are ready.


So family I want you to detach yourself from your current desire and let it come back to you in ten fold. Let it come back to you in full abundance with all parts intact, and a vibration that will take you to the next level of your life. Detach yourself from all the pain that you have once had in your life because once you practice detachment of pain you start to understand that the struggle was only building you for the abundant life that is to come. Remember you cannot ask for struggle without a little hardship, and once the hardship appears prepare yourself to knockout it out like Mike Tyson bringing his opponent down Trevor Berbick in one minute and thirty-five seconds. That in itself showed the preparation that Mike Tyson had, and it shows that one must be prepared for the unknown.


There was once a good friend of mind that once said Bangali “You have to do what you don’t want to do in order to do what you want to do.” Hey who knows, but me passing it down to you might be a blessing in disguise. So on this beautiful Monday start with a winning mindset and do not look back no matter the hardship because you were built for this.

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