#BGSPEAKS - Patience
The patience of a person can only be defined when their back is against the wall and
their next move has not been laid out for them to execute. There comes a time when things do not make sense and you start to ask yourself if anything I am doing is right or where I am heading to is the right direction for me. As you take your time to read this short blog today I want you to really think deep and identify who’s helped you identify what is patience? How can it affect my life, and what are the core principals in identifying the beauty behind the unknown? Living in a society where everything is GIMME GIMME GIMME (Give me for those who do not understand the lingo) it can be dangerous when one does not acquire what they believe they worked so hard for. Whether it is the student preparing for college and has written a million essays, or the person that is looking for an opportunity and keeps applying to different jobs, there will and always be the mentality of I need it now because I put in the work to make it happen. Well my friend I am sorry to announce that it does not work like that and if it did everyone will be in the place that they believe is for them. The student that is writing all those papers for that scholarship to that ideal school must exercise a lot of patience when it comes to the waiting process because there are millions of other students who are doing the same expecting the same results. The person looking for employment must keep that faith alive and going because just like you are looking for employment others are doing the same. But here’s a little secret that I have been practicing in my little 24 years of living on planet earth, and that is practicing patience while you craft. Patience while you craft is key to your success because it allows you to build the life that you’ve always wanted while awaiting an opportunity that can propel what you have been crafting in the dark. You see the student applying for those scholarships doesn’t know that he or she has been practicing patience for years, those gruesome nights studying for those exams, or those early mornings trooping it to school are all an exercise of patience but these are things that were not identified to you at a young age because sometimes the adults do not practice this themselves. For you looking for that opportunity or awaiting a raise there’s always been the practice of patience, and that’s through taking the time out of your day to seek something that may not be. But imagine if you took time out of your life to see what you can work on and I mean working on your character, your people skills, your circle of friends, and most importantly to remain grounded through any circumstance man you’ll be a beast at this thing we call life. Look I know it gets hard trying to wait for something to happen whether it is waiting to get better at a sport, waiting to see change in a relationship, waiting to excel in different areas of
your career, I know it’s hard but often times you have to stop worrying about what’s on the
outside and cater to what is inward. I repeat you have to stop worrying on what is on the
outside and start worrying about what is inward. Family all successful people had to be patient at one point of their life and from that one point they’ve become patient with everything else. Success does not have to be defined with money, success can be have the abundance that you have searched for, for so long in life and now it is finally here. Patience is a practice that one acquires from years of mistakes, and decades of note taking so if you think you are alone in your fight I just want you to know that
you are not.
Stay blessed. Stay True. Stay Motivated.

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