#BGSpeaks Motivational Mondays
Having your life together can be one of the most overrated statements that I’ve heard
thus far, and trust me in my years on this earth I’ve heard a lot of absurd things. Your life has no
true time frame when all the pieces should be together because as individuals we sh…
5 Business Tips Form Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is redefining her image from a hot babe in a bathing suit to one of American's richest Self-Made Women in America! As the mastermind behind the HONEST company, she has earned the cover of the June magazine and her place in entrepreneur history. Now she's offering 5 Business Ti…
Rare 2Pac Footage
Tupac is the greatest!! Of course I love him because he is FINE, Funny and a Gemini like me. But so many of his true fans really love him because he continues to inspire us to change the world.
Tribute to KJ Holiday [AUDIO]
This Memorial Day Weekend 2014, the radio industry lost a great man. Urban Programming Director KJ Holiday suddenly died on Sunday morning. This is my personal tribute to my former boss who got me the job here in Buffalo!
I See Greatness in U
How many times have you hoped and waited for someone to recognize you at work, school or even at home? Most of us look to others for validation of us doing a good job, or being a good mother, friend etc. But this stranger holding a sign on the street is offering a message that might just save your l…