How does one become whole in their society? How does one find that authentic happiness that will help them grow, not just within themselves but also amongst others? The answer to that question is simple and that is community, and understanding that value of happiness. Once we understand the value of our community and how it can become the best investment we have been looking for we start to understand what it is like to build. The most important community is your family because they become your core and your foundation. Being from Africa I understand that family is everything and even though you may not see eye to eye you cannot question the universe to have blessed you with such inspiration. When you are out there in the world trying to figure out the means of making it or how you can take yourself to the next level understand that your family can be one of the greatest motivation that you’ll ever need. While in college I used my mother, father and little brother as a constant fuel in making sure I see tough times through. Living in those shelters with my mother and little brother kept motivating me when times were rough out when I was alone. Even though my pops wasn’t around that was a fuel too because he never went to school and I was the first to obtain this college degree.

Hov said it best “leave me alone becky because a man that can’t take care of his family can’t be rich.” That line hit me hard because I’ve seen my family break up and a lot had to do with infidelity at one point. Family can be the fire or the fuel, and once you start understanding the core principles of building an empire, you start gaining the knowledge to take care of your family. Seeing my family break up while I was in high school hit me hard but it gave me an opportunity to gain some wisdom on what the importance of being around your kin is like. As a young black boy it can be hard growing up in a single parent home because everything is already set up for you to fail. I took some time to get lost, and throughout this journey of being lost I hurt a lot of people, and that’s unacceptable because these are areas that the community should be tending too as you are growing up. But the community failed me at some point because the head didn’t even understand their own journey and through that they couldn’t recognize their own tail.

When times get rough and you don’t feel as though you have the answers to get to the next level go back to your foundation, go back to your core and reacquaint yourself to what you have distanced yourself from. I’ve seen many people distance themselves from what they fight so hard to make it for, and sometimes that can deter you from so much greatness because your blessings derives from the soil, and as long as that dead soil lays there, their can never be true authentic growth.

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