How in the world do the lights go out on the most-watched televised event in history? Maybe the question we should be asking is WHY, were the lights out for over more than 30 minutes of Super Bowl XLVII? Find out our Top 5 reasons inside.

I was on twitter the whole 34 minutes as we awaited the return of the Ravens butt-kicking show. Of course my fellow tweeps had plenty of conspiracy theories as to why there was a power outage, that ultimately stopped the momentum of the Purple and Black and allowed the 49ers to catch up.

  1. Beyonce’s halftime performance drained the Superdome’s power.
  2. Sasha Fierce’s “Illuminati” gesture put a hex on the game.

3. The electrician got a call from Buffalo Wild Wings to prolong the festivities.

4. Bookies, who bet millions on the spread, paid someone to give the 49ers a chance to win.


4. Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina shorted out the electricity. (An Evil Spirit perhaps)

5. The official response from the electric company in charge of lighting up the big game suggests that it WAS Beyonce’s fault!

The problem, Entergy tweeted, was on "the customer's side." A later joint statement from Entergy and Superdome managers said the problems began when a piece of equipment designed to monitor electrical load "sensed an abnormality in the system."


Either way, the Ravens had the last laugh winning the game 34-31.


What is your opinion on the power outage?