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Mike Myers
Do you remember when Hurricane Katrina struck NOLA and the lack of government aid to a city in need? Around that same time, Kanye West made his first claim to political fame by stating on live television, that the President (At that current time) George Bush doesn't care about black people. It …
community names shooter
Sunday afternoon, street thugs of New Orleans opened fire into a crowd of women and children celebrating Mother's Day! Now police have identified one of the gunmen who injured 19 people.
did beyonce Cause Blackout superbowl?
How in the world do the lights go out on the most-watched televised event in history? Maybe the question we should be asking is WHY, were the lights out for over more than 30 minutes of Super Bowl XLVII? Find out our Top 5 reasons inside.
I was on twitter the whole 34 minutes as we awaited the return…
5 Superbowl Tips For Women
Super Bowl Sunday is February 3rd 2013.  Ladies, if you’re trying to impress a date or you want to show off a little sports knowledge to your man and his sports crazed friends, this blog is for you!
Here's the Top 5 things you need to know to survive Super Bowl XLVII
Lil Weezy to Open Skate Park [VIDEO]
Lil Wayne recently confirmed rumors that he would be spending less time in the studio and more time on his skateboard going into 2013. And with the help of Brad Pitt and Mt. Dew, Weezy is set to open a state-of-the-art Skater's paradise in New Orleans.
Hurricane Katrina: We Remember Six Years Later [VIDEO]
While many are talking about Hurricane Irene, we shouldn’t forget about Hurricane Katrina. Six years later and things still look bleak.. In New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, the grass is taller than people and you see scores of empty and decaying houses.
Gun Toting Thugs
A report was just released by the justice department that reveals some disturbing activity of one law enforcement agency.