Valentines Alert!  Get ready to receive or give some delicious chocolates!  Chocolate is the "love candy" and boy do we have some options for you this year in Upstate New York!  Here are 13 of the very best chocolate shops across the Upstate region.  The creativity displayed by these local chocolate artisans is amazing.  Your mouth will be watering when you look at these photographs!

Among your Valentines Day choices are a "Make Your Own Truffle Heart Box" You get to pick an assortment of 28 different truffles to fill the heart. What will you choose?

Maybe you're a chocolate bark person! Luckily we know a place in the Adirondacks that has some of the best chocolate almond bark you'll ever try.

What about bon bons?  We found some that are definitely not  your ordinary run-of-the-mill treats. How about Espresso Double Shot? Or Cognac Creme Brulee? One place in the Hudson Valley is making some of the most upscale "designer" bon bons you'll ever try...

What about one of the most intensely-loved regional treats around... western New York's sponge candy? One chocolate shop founded by one of the most legendary New York chocolatiers is making it like no one else can.

Or maybe check out one shop in the Southern Tier that's using 100-year-old German recipes to create some of the most delicious toffee and almond creations that you'll ever let dance on your taste buds!

So if you're still looking for something to give your sweetheart, why not stop off at one of these places below?

Sweets For Your Sweetie: 13 Top Chocolate Shops in New York State

Valentines is the perfect excuse for giving your loved one some chocolates. As if we need an excuse, right! But there are so many wonderful chocolate shops in Upstate New York just go for it any time this year. The delectable creations these Upstate New York chocolatiers come up with are nothing short of amazing. I am sure your mouth will be watering after you see some of the beautiful chocolate creations!

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