You know the internet marketplace is big with non-stop sale interaction. Rather its the exchange of a item on Facebook, Criags list or just a DM exchange on Instagram. There is really not a safe place to exchange the items. Buffalo police said there's been an uptick in robberies during meet-ups arranged through some popular apps.

According to BDP ,since July of of last year, there have been 18 social market place-related robberies that were reported to BPD.

They way these robberies are going down is that the app helps you arrange to meet a buyer or seller. And the alleged buyer or seller may be an alleged thief.

Below are some tips to help avoid you being a victim.

-Arrange for the exchange to happen during the day and in a public space, or even the lobby of a police station.

-Don't go a lone, or at least have a cell phone on you.

-Trust your gut; if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Just this week three adults and one juvenile and they've been arraigned. Some of them were repeat offenders who targeted people.