Wow...a B&B BBQ spot sounds delicious right off the bat, but after reading about 'Out  2 Eat' B&B BBQ in Middleport on Route 31 in Niagara County, my mouth is watering.  According to a news article, Brenda Kephart worked in a hospital in Medina and started cooking BBQ on a small smoker as a hobby.  People like it so much and Brenda loved cooking BBQ so much that she moved here venture to a Trailer.  She cooked out of that Trailer for 5 years with the exception of the Winter months.  Well, closing in the Winter became a problem as people were craving Brenda's BBQ causing have to move somewhere that would accommodate her BBQ cooking in the Winter as well.

Just last year in 2019, according to the news story, Brenda opened B&B BBQ at 105 Telegraph Road in Middleport.  Brenda is elated over success and loves serving people.

"So it's all been great, my transition into a brick and mortar because everyone was crying come September when I closed the trailer.  Everyone has welcomed me with open arms. The community is nice, the people are nice. I'm starting to get regulars that I know by name. I've actually had Texans come in the restaurant quite recently, probably about four of them, and tell me it's the best brisket they've ever had."

B&B BBQ features Brisket, pulled pork, and smoked half chickens.  Aso, fresh-cut fries, baked beans, broccoli and bacon salad as sides. Brenda's mac and cheese is a huge hit with customers:

"There are three different kinds of cheese and heavy cream. "It's just it's a meal in itself and certainly not a diet item, not much diet food here."Like many barbecue joints I've frequented in Western New York, B&B BBQ's many is a single page, no back. The simplicity in the menu is a staple in barbecue from my experience, and usually not overly complicated or filled with gimmicks."

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