There is policy that is now in effect that will limit a few options people have when they look to rent an Air BnB. The changes were in place and have now been extended permanetly.

According to reports:

Airbnb will continue to bar “disruptive parties and events,” including open-invite gatherings. “Party houses,” which people book for a large event for one night, will also stay banned.

This all comes just three years after a fatal shooting took place at an Airbnb.

Most people have had a good experience with Airbnb but the bets advice, as with any booking, is to look at the reviews and get as much information as possible. The rules vary from place to place and there have been some "horror" stories about hosts who are a little awkward about their rules or regulations.

These days, things are becoming pretty expensive and perhaps you have thought about becoming a host? Many parents who have become "empty nesters" are renting out a room or two. There are some steps that Airbnb suggests you take to make it happen. Hosts in the Western New York area are making an average of $2100 per month. Not bad when you consider the price of gas and mortgage rates these days. It may be the perfect way to use the space you already have and make a little extra cash!

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