Ever since Kim Kardashian went into labor on Saturday, everyone has been playing the name gametrying to figure out what Kanye & Kim's daughter's name will be!

I got the inside scoop! Find out baby Kimye's real name inside. 


Late Friday night, Kanye West cancelled a couple appearances and rushed to his baby momma's side in LA. Kim had a natural birth, even though her little princess came 5 weeks early. (I guess she couldn't wait to listen to daddy's "Yeezus" album either).

Pacific Coast News

Kanye & Kim's baby name hasn't officially been released yet, but I have been told that Kim chose "KAITLYN" to stay with the 'K' theme her sisters share. And Kanye chose "DONDA WEST" in honor of his late mother.



Welcome KAITLYN DONDA WEST to this crazy little planet called Earth. You are already famous and UOENO! You share your June 15th Birthday with these other famous folk.


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