Azealia Banks comes back with a banger. "The Big Big Beat" is fire, showcasing Azealia's rapid fire delivery and vocal range as she croons on the hook. "You've been round the world looking for love in the strangest places, don't you think it's time you confess your love to me," she sings. Banks comes out the gate with heat. "Guess who up in this bitch?/Catch you duckin' this clip/Dick, who want it? My nigga it's nothin'/Them boys don't trump us/Y'all niggas keep gunnin'/But y'all niggas ain't got it like me/Look at this bitch/Magazine cover this shit."

Produced by En Expresso, the surprise track follows "Count Contessa," a previously-shared track from her forthcoming album Fantasea II, the sequel to 2012's Fantasea. In 2014, she released her album Broke With Expensive Taste but over the past year and a half the Harlem MC has been making more headlines about her antics and Twitter rants than her music.

Most recently Azealia made headlines by warning Beyoncé against white feminists who are criticizing Bey's new "Formation" video.

"I could honestly throw up in a box watching all these white women go in about the damn formation song," Banks tweeted. "SOMETHINGS ARE NOT FOR YOU HONEY!!! GET OVER IT."

Banks continued to criticize white feminists who called out Beyoncé for not including white women in her video. "I keep tryna tell yall to stop fucking with them white feminists," she said. "Them bitches are NOT our friends."

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