The "Young Queens Empowerment Conference" is being held on Saturday April 13th! Get the details!

Dove Self-Esteem Project Hosts 'Pinspiring' Workshop for Girls To Launch New Pinterest Self-Esteem Page
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The free "Young Queens Empowerment Conference" is being held on Saturday, April 13th from 9 AM-2:30 PM. The conference will be held at South Park HS, located at 150 Southside Parkway in Buffalo.

It is FREE and open to young women ages 10 to 20.  To attend, please contact Cambia Daniels at or call 716-816-4520.

Workshop #1 “Look in the Mirror: An interactive discussion on Social Media & Self Image”:
Within this interactive workshop participants will discuss and decipher healthy boundaries of the
content they choose to post throughout their social media platforms. Participants will also
explore the challenges of positive self-image represented within the media and how this
representation affects individual beliefs.


Workshop #2 “Mindfulness & Meditation= Positive Mindset”: Participants will be able to
articulate the importance of Mental Health and a positive mindset on overall health and wellness.
Additionally participants will learn mindfulness and meditation techniques that have a direct
impact on both the mind and body.


Workshop #3 “Self-Esteem & Healthy Relationships”: Through this interactive workshop
participants will examine, identify and define self-improvement behaviors specific to safe dating
and healthy relationships that influence high self-esteem.


Workshop #4 “This is a Man’s World”: Youth will be engaged in an open discussion around
the navigation of being a female engineer within a male dominated field. Participants will also be
informed of the significance of inclusive professionalism and respect that will propel their career
forward in order to distinguish principles of perseverance and discipline that are needed to be a
successful within any field.

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