Get ready for more HEAT this week as there is even a Heat Advisory in effect from 10AM today until 8PM.  Take a look below at the Humidity numbers according to The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel
  1. Choose Cotton
  2. Put your sheet in the freezer or refrigerator before you go to bed
  3. Put a Hot Water Bottle in the Freezer and use it to col off with when needed (against your skin)
  4. Place a fan in your window facing outwards to blow the hot air OUT
  5. Use the 'Egyptian Sleep Method' by dampening your sheets in cool water and sleep with them...put a towel under the sheet so you don't get the mattress wet
  6. Put a Bowl of Ice in front of your fan so the air will blow through the cold air generated by the ice.
  7. Place Cold Ice Packs to your pulse points like your neck, elbows, groin, ankles and your'll cool right down.

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