Students from Amherst have been put on a voluntary Coronavirus quarantine after a trip abroad.

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Credit: WIVB

The 12 students, who attend Amherst Central High School, went on a two-week trip to Italy, returning on February 23. According to WIVB, they went to school for six days, but are now on a voluntary quarantine. They attended classes last week and early this week. Their families were contacted by the Health Department, who suggested that the students be quarantined in their homes.

"There is no value in panicking or telling people to be afraid. Don’t let fear and emotion drive the response to this virus." ~ Amherst Central School District via WIVB

The Centers for Disease Control reports that there have been 2,462 deaths worldwide related to the Coronavirus and none stateside.

Health officials here in the U.S. announced yesterday, that anyone who wants a Coronavirus test can now get one with the approval of their doctor.

"Under the new criteria, patients who have fevers, coughs or difficulty breathing qualify for diagnostic testing, depending on their doctor’s judgment." ~New York Times

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