The latest inductee into THE BIG DUMMY FILES is New York Knick's Amare Stoudemire. The Knicks played against the Miami Heat last night and lost 104-92. Amare in in a fit of frustration or rage (or both), smashed the glass door of the fire extinguisher casing on his way to the locker room. His left hand required 15 stitches, and his status for Game 3 Thursday in New York is in doubt. He departed the arena with his hand heavily bandaged and in a sling, and with the Knicks trailing 0-2 in the first-round series.

After committing this act of stupidity, he tweeted to fans:

@Amareisreal Twitter account: "I am so mad at myself right now, I want to apologize to the fans and my team, not proud of my actions. "

When I used to play sports in high school, people that would throw tantrums (crying, shouting, etc) would really get on my nerves. I understand Amare is playing at a whole different level but its still the same concept. At the end of the day its only a game. His arm is in a sling now and every body is clowning him such names like glasshole and Fire Drilled are my favorites. Someone even went as far as making up a twitter account for the fire extinguisher:

@AAAExtinguisher then posted: "Where’s my apology?’’ and "I busted my glass to get where I’m at’’ and "I’m coming after Rondo next.’’

Any way you look at this situation Stoudemire was not thinking so lets welcome him to THE BIG DUMMY FILES.