'Ladies of Charity' is a Buffalo organization which was founded in 1941, according to a WGRZ News Report, where 96 Year-Old Daisy Estelle Anderson has volunteered for the past 30 years.  Well Ms. Anderson's efforts paid off last Thursday as 'The Today Show' and Al Roker were in Buffalo and dropped by to visit Daisy as a part of their 'Neighbor Helping Neighbor Segment.

Daisy, although not expecting anything whatsoever for her 30 years of service at Ladies of Charity, was pleasantly surprised upon Al Roker walking in the door.  Ladies of Charity is a Non-Profit Organization that help Mothers and their babies who are in need.  Al Roker and 'The Today Show's' 'Neighbor Helping Neighbor' team, donated items to help with the efforts of Ladies of Charity.  The initial donation is only the beginning as Al Roker said this, according to the WGRZ News Report:

"They're going to double this, so when this runs out...boom! They're going to come with another van and bring more stuff and that allows that ripple effect. It goes out and affects other people. It will be really special."


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