A rapper that still tells a story through his lyrics is one I can vibe with. Jae Skeese new project Subjective Humility, produced by close friend and teammate  Mitch Arizona is looking like his true comeback album. After taking a break Jae Skeese was able to dig deep, return to rapping and deliver what I like to call an unskippable album.


 Subjective Humility a solid body of work from start to finish and one of my favorite songs on the album happens to be "No Congratulations". This song gave me chills when I heard it and delivered this motivational message that tells the story of where Jae Skeese is working to achieve and going next.


Also, listen up for Jae Skeese as he takes the Mic Check challenge and bodied every word we threw at him.

Listen to my interview with Jae Skees as we Talk Subjective Humility and get into the Mic Check challenge.

Check out Jae Skeese entire project here Subjective Humility and video of No Congratulations. Follow Jae Skeese on Instagram for more music! @JaeSkeese





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