After coming  home yesterday from all the Memorial Day  BBQ's  I graved  my computer dropped it on my lap and surf the net for my favorite sites. While surfing the internet I stumbled upon a major announcement.

According to the video below Diddy announced that DJ Khaled is the newest member to the Ciroc Boyz!


So apparently Diddy being Diddy had a major party this weekend at the Manson 360 featuring DJ Khaled and in true Diddy fashion he snatched the Mic and introduced DJ Khaled as the newest member to the Ciroc Boyz Team.  Although the details have not been made public yet Diddy did state this “Check it out, we finally, finally negotiated a deal and closed a contract with my man DJ Khaled, he is now a Ciroc Boy!” Well so there it is!

Congrats to DJ Khaled and Congrats to Diddy for yet again snagging a popular star to promote his brand. It is said that Ciroc is the most popular vodka brand among Hip Hop Stars and recently Diddy announced that  Funk Master Flex from Hot 97 is a newly anointed member of the vodka conglomerate.

For more information check out AllHipHop.cpm

Check out the Video


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