Pro-Black Activist calls for boycott of Kendrick Lamar's music after seeing a picture of his Light Skinned Fianceé. Check this out!!~[VIDEO]

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It is so rare to hear about a rapper who is faithful to one woman. So when Kendrick Lamar announced that he is engaged to his high school sweetheart, it restored faith in many who lost faith in relationships with a happily ever after ending. But apparently the woman Kendrick chose to marry is not black enough to be on the arm of a "conscious rapper".

Rashida Marie Strober, a self-professed “Dark Skinned Activist” who runs the “Dark Skin Is Beautiful” Campaign posted this on her Facebook page on Friday.

Facebook: Rashida Strober

Kendrick Lamar put out one of the most conscious albums to hit the mainstream with "To Pimp A Butterfly" and yet she finds fault in his choice to marry a light-skinned woman who has been down with him from the beginning! Something is horribly wrong with this picture! I wonder if Rashida would be satisfied if K. dot dumped his fiancee Whitney Alford for a dark skinned chick who only wants to be with him for his fame and fortune. Is it ALL about image, or does substance and true love still count for something?

The web has been buzzing about this all weekend and today she updated her Facebook status with this:

"first I want to thank my haters for getting me on Now for a little intellectual enlightenment.
BOTTOM FUKING LINE: Dark skin is the essence of Africa, proven by the fact that the majority population is dark skin. This is a basic FACT that every so called conscious black man should know. If he is truly in line with this consciousness then marrying a dark skinned woman would be the correct thing to do in a perfect world but obviously we dont live in one."

And to make sure we understand that she has NO CHILL, she posted this on youtube proclaiming "YOU CAN"T STOP MY MOUTH!"

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