This is the day I have been waiting for. all my Mario Kart lovers get ready!

According to, HOCO Limited, a privately-held tourism and resorts company, is building a giant go-kart track in Clifton Hills!

The track will be inspired by Mario Kart, Nintendo's popular video game franchise that began in 1992 with "Super Mario Kart." Gamers can go-kart race as classic characters like Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Bowser and Donkey Kong, while picking up weapons and using special powers.

According to Narcity, the attraction will be like The Tracks in Branson, Missouri, featuring a four-story corkscrew and multiple elevated coaster-style sections. Think of it like a really cool multi-level parking garage for go-karts.

Wrap up the weekend with turns around the four-story Wild Woody.

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