Being from Buffalo and coming up like many of us did in this community, really gives Buffalo a special place in the hearts of anyone that looks to give back to this community. I recently spoke with movie director and producer Korey Green and he shares that exact same sentiment. Korey is known for one of his latest streaming platforms, he has also directed and co-produced The Blackness Project and The Roman which is available on amazon. Korey is often asked by many of his peers, why haven't you left Buffalo yet? and like many motivated movers in this town, Korey said, "he feels like there is still so much more he can do here."

How will The Free Lunch Program Work?

The program will start on July 6 and run through August 20, and it will be held in the Trade Fair Plaza at the corner of Delevan and Courtland. Free lunch will be served to all kids 18 and under on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, not only will there be free lunch, on Fridays, there will be live DJs and influential people, many of them are right from our community to give our youth words of encouragement.

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I think this is a really good look for Buffalo and it's great to see people in our community stepping up to help out our youth, not only with food but also the opportunity to get words of encouragement from people that look like them, and grew up in the same city that they are growing up in. Korey also sends a big shout-out to Talia Rodriguez, Trade Fair, and everyone who helped make this mission happen. I'm excited to see the great things that come from this initiative.

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