It's not often you hear of Public High Schools being referred to as "Beautiful' ... that is; unless you're a writer for the  Architectural Digest.  The fact that this publication is architecturally based, gives merit and credibility regarding their ability to determine which Public High Schools are 'Most Beautiful' in every state!

The refreshing and surprising thing surrounding the list of 'The Most Beautiful Public High Schools In Every State In America' is the announcement that The International Preparatory School in Buffalo, NY is the sole NYS School chosen as 'The Most Beautiful Public School in New York State'.

Native Buffalonians may be more familiar with the school's name being Grover Cleveland, named after the 22nd President of The United States.

Check out the entire list of schools in every state, including International Preparatory School in Buffalo, NY.


Not only is International Preparatory School beautiful; it's academically sound as well:


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