When The Bills start winning, Bills fan seem to lose their minds ... I guess that's what happens when your team is FINALLY A CONTENDER!!!  It's been awhile since Buffalo Fans could be appropriately excited about The Bills chances at at least a Playoff Bid.  The Bills have won 4 Straight and head to Miami next to "SQUISH THE FISH"!

In the meantime, Fans are taking up the slack in terms of PENALTIES AND BAD PLAYS by acting up during Bills tailgate Festivities.  The latest Bills Fan Fiasco was caught on video and has gone VIRAL.  The video is SO LEWD, I'm not permitted to show it here ... but it is available elsewhere and if you're curious enough to see this RIDICULOUS FEAT performed by a Bills Fan who was undoubtedly and completely trashed, click this link!


The Fumble
The Fumble

Bills Fan Sets Himself on Fire!:

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