You want to stop out for a drink or two after work today, but you're starving.  One of the best things about happy hour is the food that goes with it!

Looking for a place to go and relax after work, but you also want a bite to eat?  We've got some incredible food that comes from our favorite happy hour places. But where do we go?

There's no question that word of mouth is incredibly important.  When someone tells you exactly what their experience was like when they went to these places or what their food was like, people tend to listen.  They're even more meaningful when there are multiple people bragging about the same place.

That's where Yelp comes in.  They let people rate establishments on their own.

So where are Buffalo's best places to stop and get a drink and maybe a bite to eat on the way home after a long day?  I went to Yelp to find out.

These are all establishments that are mostly in the north towns.  Why?  Well...I'm a south towns guy and I've already done those.  You can check out that list here.  I promised I'd do that list in the future and didn't want to leave our friends in the north towns here's that list!

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