Buffalo has great restaurants and great chefs, as a matter of fact, Buffalo is my favorite place to eat. Now, let me just tell you, I recently traveled to New Orleans for business, and while I was there I really wanted to try foods that I couldn't get at home. One thing I found out is in New Orleans, they actually have some foods that you can find in Buffalo at all, and there is some food that is made here, but not like Louisiana. There are popular places in New Orleans that many people have heard of like the French Quarter and Bourbon Street but for a couple of the foods that I found and tried, I got lucky and went to parts of New Orleans, most tourists don't travel to.

6 Amazing Foods That Buffalo Can't Do Like New Orleans

In this gallery, there are some foods that I have only seen and tried in New Orleans, There are restaurants here in Buffalo that have New Orleans-style foods with great flavor. These are the favorites that I loved when I traveled there.

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