It looks like Walmart has landed themselves in some hot water with Big Pun's Widow Liza Rios. She is suing the retail giant and the clothing company Rebubble that makes the merchandise being sold for all profits made and to block future sales using the signature Pun logo. She's also suing Rebubble for $10-Million in statutory damages! Welp, she's owns the rights to her late husband's logo and these companies might just have to pay up! Click here to read more!

Toni Braxton Hospitalized
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Toni Braxton is having the worst week ever! News dropped this week that the Grammy Award-winning sing er owes over $750,000 in back taxes! Oh no baby what is you doin'?!  Back in 2012 she said her record label and lavish spending habits were the culprits for her debt but that was 6 years ago! Come on Toni, get it together. There has been no official statement released as of yet.



Meek Mill
Lisa Lake, Getty Images

When Beyonce says free Meek, well you free Meek! Well not really lol but I'm happy to report that Philly rapper Meek Mill is having the best week ever. A recent filing by the Philadelphia District Attorney's office stated they are not opposing Meek's petition for bail which means he could be released in the near future. But that's not it, there's also a strong likely hood that the 2008 verdict which landed him on probation could be overturned in whole or in part!  That's what's up! Click here to read more!

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