Unbelievable right?  Nope believe it, there is a REAL 40 Year old VIRGIN, who really has 14 kids. Meet Trent Arsenault 36 of California who claims; "I've committed 100 percent of my sexual energy for producing sperm for childless couples to have babies. So I don't have other activity outside of that," he said, adding that he will probably be a 40-year-old virgin with 15 kids, according to Newser.com. This man is running a underground sperm bank, which California is working to shut down. This sounds absolutely crazy to me, his website has his STD history, and pictures of the kids that he has fathered. The FDA ordered the man to stop, the man is facing a $100,000 fine and possible jail time. Trent should be more worried about a couple of the moms teaming up to put him on CHILD SUPPORT. I say the man isn't bothering anyone if he is STD free and healthy, so why is the government making this man stop a service he is offering for free? And when did the FDA get in the sperm bank business? What do you think ?