The Best Back To School Deals!!!
Shopping for back to school for your kids can be a stressful and expensive task! Here's a quick list of some of the best back to school sales you can check out to help ease your stress and finances...
At some point, every parent will have to confront the issue of sex with their child, and today, with the enormous rate of teenage pregnancy, it seems that the earlier, the better.
Oxycontin for Kids? [HOT TOPIC TUESDAY]
After all the reports of teens sneaking their parents prescription drugs and falling victim to the most abused perscription drug, Oxycontin, the makers are now working on a "kid-friendly" version of the painkiller.
Purdue Pharm is looking for 154 kids to test out "Oxyc…
40 Year Old Virgin With 14 Kids! [VIDEO]
Unbelievable right?  Nope believe it, there is a REAL 40 Year old VIRGIN, who really has 14 kids. Meet Trent Arsenault 36 of California who claims; "I've committed 100 percent of my sexual energy for producing sperm for childless couples to have babies.

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