1. CRAZY Video of McDonald’s Employee Beating the Hell
Out of a Customer That Was Trying to Get Coke When She Asked for a Free Water Cup… is what I've heard.

2. A Terrified Boy at the Doctor's Office Is Surprised When His Shot Doesn't Hurt
A mom's video of her frightened son as he's being prepped for a shot at the doctor's office. Already in tears by the time it happens and then is totally surprised when it doesn't hurt.

3. This is pretty Funny lol
A Guy Is Upset That People Won't Stop Having Sex With His Sexy Hedges
Why won't you people stop having sex with this guy's well-groomed bush?

There's a guy named Keith Tyssen in Sheffield, England who works as a topiarist, which means he does sweet hedge designs for people. And to show off his work, about 18 years ago, he shaped the hedges at his house to look like a SEXY LADY.

But now Keith is upset because people won't stop having sex with his hedges. Quote, "It's not always a guy, sometimes it's women who climb on her." So he's thinking about getting an alarm to keep people off.

Check it out Sexy Lady

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 8.29.08 PM

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