John Webster, a 5-foot-10, 220 pounds former college football player turned gym teacher, is suing NYC after he claims a student a 50-pound 6-year-old boy beat him up and broke his ankle and injured a knee last April. That's what he said. At a presser this afternoon, John said he told the first grader to stop, but "he was very strong.

He was using the heel of his feet to kick me in my leg. He spun around and belted me in the right knee and I heard a pop to my knee at that time.” He's now unable to work due to his alleged injuries and he wants the city to pay. The boy (Rodrigo Carpio) says he does not recall assaulting his teacher.

This man should be absolutely ashamed of him self. A grown *** man on TV complaining about a 6 year old beat him up and broke his ankle. How ridiculous can you get he is obviously trying to get paid. Welcome this scheming man into the BIG DUMMY FILES.

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