The BET Hip Hop Awards is known as "the one with the cyphers". I love it because it puts the spotlight on up & coming and underground rappers. Some of the most exciting MCs were in the third cypher led by Lil Mama. Check out Logic, Dee-1, Detroit Che and Troy Ave.

Ok so here is my review:

Troy Ave (New York) ........ Not impressed
Dee-1 (New Orleans) I am a fan of his single "Against Us" but this performance doesn't do him justice. He has a lot of good stuff to say!

Detroit Che (Detroit) HOTTTTTT !! I love her style, lyrical content, Outfit, everything was one point! The cherry on top was when she hit that Boss Up dance (S/o Blade Ice Wood) She is BET's Spring 16 Winner!!

Logic (Maryland) You heard his single "Under Pressure" first inside the Jazzy Drive At 5. Watch his creative video here. I was surprised to learn that he is bi-racial. That make me love him even more!!

Lil Mama was very animated. I really like watching her raw performance but I would rather her not speak as if she gonna hurt someone with her little self LOL.

Who impressed you the most at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards?