As the summer months rapidly approach, thousands of brides across the country will be saying "I Do". And this week, we will discover some of the hot new trends this wedding season. Let's start off with fashion tips for the wedding party.

The 2013 Buffalo Brides World Expo revealed some surprising fashion trends for the bridesmaids and groomsmen this wedding season.

Men are opting for simple, sleek and traditional in 2013. The event’s title sponsor, Tuxedo Junction, caters to this trend by offering classic black and white tuxedos that fit close to the body.

Tuxedo Junction

The days of matching groomsmen’s vests with the color of the bridesmaids’ gowns are coming to an end. Instead, men might sport a colorful pocket scarf and tie to match.

Speaking of colors, there is a trend this year to choose rich, royal colors for the bridal party. I saw a lot of emerald greens, purples and navy blues.

Wedding Puzzle TV

There is one color that I was surprised to see on the ladies in the Buffalo Brides World fashion show -- black! Yes, in 2013, black bridesmaid dresses can be found at your local bridal boutiques.

Not to mention the interesting trend of disunity in bridesmaid fashion this year. To avoid the daunting task of finding the one dress that fits all the ladies in the party, the modern bride encourages her bridesmaids to pick out their own gown, along a set of guidelines.


For example, I was just in a wedding where the only requirement was to select a floor-length, lipstick pink gown that flattered my figure. We even got to pick our own shoes and hairstyle!

Stay tuned to all this #WeddingWeek for more bridal tips and trends as you put together your own Wedding Puzzle!